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Our Tips for Your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) with Your Primary Care Physician:

In the realm of healthcare, prevention is not just a strategy but a cornerstone of maintaining long-term well-being and quality of your life. At Fusion Medical Care, we are committed to guiding our patients through the intricacies of preventive care, ensuring they make the most of the opportunities available to them. One such opportunity is the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV), a cornerstone of preventive patient care for those enrolled in Medicare. This visit is not only a chance to review your current health status but also a proactive measure to prevent illness and manage health risks effectively. Here are our tips for making your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit as productive and beneficial as possible.

Understand the Purpose of the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)

The Medicare Annual Wellness Visit is designed to create or update a personalized preventative primary care plan tailored to your needs. It’s important to note that the AWV is not a physical exam. Instead, it focuses on reviewing your medical and family history, assessing your health risk assessment, and planning for future healthcare needs with your care provider. Understanding this distinction can help you set realistic expectations and prepare accordingly for your visit.

Prepare Your Medical History

A comprehensive review of your medical history forms the foundation of your AWV. Before your appointment, take some time to gather information about your past and current health conditions, surgeries, hospitalizations, and any significant illnesses in your family history. This preparation ensures that your physician, Dr. Maressa Alejandro has a full picture of your health background, which is crucial for tailoring the prevention plan to your specific needs.

Review Your Medications

Compile a list of all medications you’re currently taking, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements. Be sure to include the dosage and frequency of each. This list will help your healthcare provider assess whether any changes are needed and how these medications might interact with each other.

Consider Your Health Risks and Goals

Think about your personal health risk factors and any concerns you might have regarding your health. These could be related to your lifestyle, family history, or chronic conditions you’re managing. Additionally, consider what health goals you would like to achieve in the coming year, whether it’s improving your diet, increasing physical activity, or managing stress more effectively. Sharing these with Dr. Alejandro can guide the development of a more personalized and actionable wellness plan.

Plan for Preventive Services During Your Physical Exam Screening

Medicare covers a wide range of preventive services, including screenings for certain cancers, diabetes, and heart disease, among others. Before your AWV, review what preventive services you might be eligible for and discuss these with Dr. Alejandro during your visit. This ensures that you’re taking full advantage of the personalized prevention plan benefits available to you and addressing any potential health issues early on.

Ask Questions

Your Annual Wellness Visit is an excellent opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns you may have about your health. Whether it’s clarifying aspects of your advanced care planning, seeking advice on lifestyle changes, discussing upcoming immunization needs, or understanding more about managing chronic conditions, don’t hesitate to engage in open dialogue with your double-board certified physician, Dr. Maressa Alejandro.

Final Thoughts

The Medicare Annual Wellness Visit represents a proactive approach to healthcare, focusing on prevention and personalized care planning. By preparing for your AWV and actively participating in the process, you can take meaningful steps toward maintaining and improving your health. At Fusion Medical Care, we are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that your preventive care journey is informed, purposeful, and aligned with your health goals. Together, we can work towards achieving optimal health and wellness.

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