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Want To Naturally Boost Your Immunity To Viral Infections?

How injections of Engystol, a homeopathic remedy, can strengthen your immune response to viruses and minimize symptoms and re-infections

If you are susceptible to seasonal flus and common colds, prepare to be amazed by the wonders of Engystol in preventing the occurrence of these infections and significantly decreasing the severity of symptoms and duration during active viral infections.


The benefits of Engystol injections

Engystol has been rigorously, experimentally proven to show positive effects among those who received the injections. For usage on a preventative basis, it is recommended to do a shot once per month, or for usage as a treatment to an existing infection, three shots per week for one month. Patients have noticed relief from common symptoms such as sore throat, runny nose, muscle aches, and mild fever.

In addition to its promising benefits, Engystol is very safe for all kinds of patients, including pregnant women—there are no known side effects, interactions, or contraindications and it is suitable as a long- term treatment that may be combined safely with other immunostimulating therapies.

Engystol has been clinically shown to reduce the time of infection of Influenza A as well as to reduce its antibody titres. Some other noticeable benefits were observed against viruses such as Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 (HSV 1), Human Rhino Virus (HRV), adenovirus Type 5, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).

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Who should take Engystol and when

Although Engystol is recommended for people of all ages, it is especially beneficial for those who are prone to frequent and severe reactions to colds and flus, specifically those who are over the age of 65 and have pre-existing medical conditions that suppress their natural immune response. It is also great for the entire family when an infection enters the household.

Among the best times to take Engystol is
during the fall and winter seasons when flu-like infections tend to rise, before exposure to large crowds and before traveling, when you are stressed which causes your body’s immune system to feel the brunt of the impact, and when you observe signs of a viral infection.

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Engystol at Fusion Medical Care

At Fusion Medical Care, we provide Engystol injections for both prophylactic (preventative) care and as a treatment against flus and colds. As flu season quickly approaches, protect your body with highly effective, scientifically-proven natural remedies.
These maintenance injections pair well with our IV infusions, providing double the immunity and nutrient supplementation, leaving you looking and feeling fantastic!

For more information on the clinical effectiveness of Engystol:

Visit or call 480-482-7077.

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