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Does Obesity Encourage Worsened Covid-19 Outcomes?

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How weight management plays an influential role in mitigating coronavirus risk

As more and more research surrounding the devastatingly mysterious COVID-19 emerges, there is concrete evidence that shows obesity as a risk in getting infected with the virus. The CDC stated the risk level starts from a BMI of 30 and above, encompassing 40% of Americans. Additionally, studies show that obesity can suppress the immune system and may cause chronic lung or kidney disease, making obese people at one of the high-risk groups for COVID-19.

What Does Obesity Have to Do with It?
A common explanation for why people suffering from obesity experience worse outcomes from COVID-19 and previous flu pandemics is that being heavier simply makes it harder to breathe. However, more probable explanations have much to do with the hormones that are made and regulated by fat. “Complement” proteins, produced in greater amounts by people who are obese, in excess amounts may lead to severe blood-clotting – this is another issue implicated in COVID-19 patients. Additionally, those with obesity also have lower blood levels of adiponectin, a hormone that, in mice, is shown to protect the lungs and keep blood vessels clean. With initially lower levels of adiponectin, there could be a greater likelihood of lung inflammation in the presence of COVID-19.

As the perfect hosts for blood clots that become blockages that can cause heart attacks, lung damage, and strokes, people with obesity also appear to have more ACE2 receptors on their cells. These receptors allow viruses to infect cells and replicate, especially worsened with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance not only impacts blood sugar levels, but it also increases the number of spike protein receptors through the entryways of viruses.

Preventing and Treating Obesity and Insulin Sensitivity

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Preventing and managing obesity starts with a healthy, nutritious diet and daily exercise. A diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in fat (around 30% of total calorie intake) is essential to lowering weight. At Fusion Medical Center, we offer weight management and insulin-resistance reversal therapies for those who suffer from obesity and diabetes or who are pre-dispose. With services such as wellness coaching, nutritional counseling, and nutritional IV therapies, the path to weight loss has never been easier. Our qualified team will holistically assess your health and will provide personalized solutions to kickstart your journey toward looking and feeling great!

COVID-19 Detection and Prevention

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Not only will managing your weight bolster your quality of life physically and mentally, but it is also a crucial step in mitigating COVID-19 risk factors. Speaking of COVID, Fusion Medical Center is now proud to offer RAPID COVID-19 testing, ensuring instant results done in the office. Paired with a high dose of vitamin C IV infusion, detection and prevention are right at your fingertips.


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