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Don’t let hormonal imbalances keep you from living life to the fullest

Our bodies and their functions are in constant communication with each other, and sometimes the slightest change in physical appearance, mood, or just general well-being can be a sign of something serious. If you’ve been feeling “off,” the culprit may be a hormonal imbalance. Although hormone imbalances don’t always produce symptoms, they could potentially lead to serious health consequences.

In recent years, many doctors have prescribed synthetic hormones to tackle these hormonal imbalances, but the problem is that our bodies don’t behave the way synthetic hormones tell them to. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) gives our bodies what they want while providing a natural and safe method for achieving balance.

If you’re curious if the changes you’re experiencing stem from hormonal imbalance, let’s meet!
Dr. Joan Ardavanis, FNP and Dr. Tade, NMD utilize BHRT as a natural alternative to synthetic hormone replacement therapies to effectively and safely help even out testosterone and estrogen levels in men and women, both young and old.

The addition of the EvexiPEL method of BHRT with pellets has given us the tools to provide an integrated approach to hormonal well-being and a strong support system to guide you through the health concerns and symptoms tied to imbalanced hormones.

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Feeling “off”? Let us help you look and feel like yourself again!

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Family Medicine from Children to Seniors

We provide comprehensive pediatric, adult and geriatric care to attend to all of your family's health care needs.

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WHOLISTIC Primary Care

We utilize a holistic approach of care with conventional and alternative therapies to personalize treatment plans for the wellness of your mind and body - Whole You.

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Regenerative Medicine

Restore bodily functions by unleashing your body’s natural healing power.

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Concierge Medicine

Through our membership program, enjoy on-demand, quality care tailored to you, right at your fingertips.

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Personal Injuries/ Workman’s Compensation

We treat injuries sustained from an accident to get you back to optimal health and wellness.

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Functional/Integrative Medicine

We focus on the root cause of the problem to remedy symptoms related to chronic conditions and provide preventative treatment.

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Dental Services Coming Soon

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Aesthetic Medicine

With the help of our professionals’ expertise, we can let you look and feel good.

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